Leadership Projects for Bihar


We believe that minds on the margin are not marginal minds. We are committed to improve the state of the society and value creation in order to enhance the skills by fostering the spirit of leadership.


The ultimate mission of LPB is undertaking good projects in the area of leadership, social entrepreneurship, education, youth engagement and public health.

  • To conduct, co-ordinate or enable, and disseminate research and communication that strengthens brand equity of Bihar and the institutions related to the state
  • To undertake, conduct, co-ordinate or enable research and training in the field of public leadership with a focus on Bihar
  • To enable and strengthen the engagement of thought leaders and leading institutions with Bihar
  • To promote ideas and initiatives which showcase and strengthen the thought leadership and brand equity of Bihar and create wider knowledge about the state
  • To provide opportunities to professionals related to Bihar to contribute in initiatives and institution building of the state.
  • To enable education, training and career opportunities for youth, men, and women of Bihar
  • To enable initiatives which bring equity and prosperity among people of Bihar living in Bihar and outside
What we Do:
  • Projects related research, dissemination, and promotion of ideas, initiatives and institutions that can become constituents of brand Bihar in fields such as Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Economics, Management and Leadership, Politics and Public Policy, Governance, Marketing, History and Culture, Tourism, Agriculture, Energy and Infrastructure, Youth Development, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Growth, Health Sciences, Institution Building, Social Media, Print and Electronic Media, Films, Law and Society, Investing in Bihar and more.
  • Activities to co-ordinate and conduct training and other training related programs in the field of leadership development, governance, development and economic growth.
  • Activities to build interest and engagement platforms for interaction of thought leaders and leading institutions with Bihar.
  • Activities to engage with organizers of events that serve as a platform for showcasing the ideas, initiatives, and institutions related to Bihar and the brand equity of Bihar.
  • Research and survey on aspects that can contribute to strengthening of brand attributes of Bihar.
  • Activities to develop a network of professionals interested in projects that build leadership potential of Bihar on national and international stage
  • Any other activity that help realize the objectives of the Society